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Thyristor power regulators TRM

Тиристорные регуляторы мощности ТРМ-1 и ТРМ-3

Calculator of currents and voltages in the load if powered by a single or three phase net
Source (calculate) data (enter without spaces)
Enter power: Watt
Enter voltage: Volt


Number of phases:
Rated current, I: Ampere
Resistance, R: Ohm
Voltage at load, Uload: Volt
 It is no secret that semiconductor devices have one of the highest efficiency and reliability in operation. At the moment, the price is significantly decreased, and is increased functionality, which makes semiconductor products the perfect solution for industrial facilities and systems of  automation processes manufacturing .
 Introducing designed and manufactured by us Thyristor regulators of power TRM-1M, TRM-2M and TRM-3M. Devices are constituted a power semiconductor device with which it is possible to change the output power from 6% to 94% with different discreteness. The load is possible: different heating elements, infrared heaters, lamps of lighting, transformers, etc.

 Main advantages:
- dimensions of execution  (at the moment one of the most compact versions of this kind of devices, i.e. the maximum number of regulators in the same cabinet)
- indication of output power, current, voltage at bright contrasting three-digit diaplay (constant control of output values will allow on-line control production process)
- 5 ways to control of thyrisror in one regulator (controlled by software, that extend a sphere of use one of the same model, making the device absolutely universal)
- a linear dependence of the output voltage or power of the input signal (resulting in 100% control of the voltage or power supplied to the load)
- separate programmable relay (even more automates the process of the production cycle)
- 2 protections against short-circuit fault, quick fuse (almost always in stock) and electronic protection (electronic protection is actuated for 1 half-period, which increases the probability of "survival" of the thyristor)

 TRM-1M is a single-phase regulator with the possibility of external control through: the current loop (4-20mA, 0-20mA), voltage (0-10V, 0-5V, etc.), the potentiometer (10-50kOm), dry contact , the Modbus protocol via the RS485 interface. It is also possible to set and view the settings on the front panel.

 As a fully digital device, the ability to change settings are extensive enough.
 TRM-2M and TRM-3M there are two- and three-phase regulators accordingly.
There are 2 main methods of thyristor control:
Phase control of thyristor
The number of pulse control of thyristor
heating elements, transformers, infrared heaters, incandescent lamp (lighting)
condenser installations, heating elements
- smooth adjustment
- the possibility of smooth start
- operation with small inertial load
- lack of pulse noises
- no distortion sine wave current
- does not consume reactive component
- pulse noises
- reactive current consumption
- nonlinear current distortion
- lack of smooth adjustment
- it does not work with an inductive load and lighting
- lack of smooth start
Conclusion: this method is targeted for regulation of primary coil tranformers, heaters with a small inertial reserve (heat lamps, infrared lamps, lighting).
Conclusion: this method intended for purely active (resistive) load, heating elements with sufficient time of inertia.


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