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Pulse relay

Реле импульсное РИО-1
  • Control of lighting from different places
  • Saving wiring (control circuit are laid by wire with smaller cross-section)
  • Control comfort - by one switch you can turn off and turn on all the lights
  • Eliminates scorching contacts of switches and influence of interruptions Upow
  • It consumes energy only in pressing moment
  • Up to 20 enlighted buttons
Реле импульсное РИО-2
  • Three control modes: pulse relay, cross switches, automatic timer
  • It allows you to control the lighting from several places: - in the hallway, on the stairs, all over the house, etc.
  • Saving wiring - for buttons can be used wire with smaller cross-section, than for power circuit
  • Increases control comfort - by one switch you can turn off and turn on all the lights
  • Energy saving mode - function auto timer
  • Ability to use the motion sensor


Реле импульсное РИО-3-63
  • Maximum switching current is 63A
  • 3 independent closed contacts
  • 4 control inputs
  • Input of static control (relay is on if on input is voltage) - allows to apply the relay as a three-phase contactor
  • Input on/off - each pressing the button on this input changes the relay status to the opposite
  • Input on
  • Input off
  • Possible to organize a joint control circuit with pulse relay RIO-1 and RIO-2
Diode module MD-3M-2
Модуль диодов МД-3М-2
 The product is designed to use in the connection chains pulse (bistable) relays, using a central multi-level governance.


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