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Current control relay RT-40M-20 New!

Реле контроля тока РТ-40М
Rt-40M-20 UHL4  
  • Powered by a controlled current
  • Current measurement range 2-20A
  • An adjustable threshold from 10 to 100% of the maximum current value
  • Thermal stability in continuous mode up to 400A
  • Adjustable delay of actuation built-in relay from 0,2 to 20s
  • Contacts of the relay - 5A 250
  • Width of the case is 13mm


 Relay RT-40M is designed for use in circuits of relay protection and automation of power systems as a device responsive to the excess of the allowable current.
 The relay can be used to control overloading motors or other electrical equipment to monitor consumption, current protection, diagnostic of equipment (locking, low or high power consumption).
 Relay is produced in a plastic case with a unified front connection wires power and switched circuits. Mounting is carried out on a DIN rail  width 35mm (GOST R IEC 60715-2003) or on a smooth surface. To set on a smooth surface, spring locks must be changed in recent holes, fixing a spring lock, which are located on the back side of the case. Terminal design provides robust clamp wires up to 2,5mm2. On the front panel there are: blue indicator of availability current in control chain "", red indicator of contacts state of built-in executive relay "", regulator of time actuation "t", regulator of threshold actuation "Current%".   
 The relay does not require auxiliary power supply and directly connects to the measured circuit. Power is provided by the built-in current transformer. Connecting the relay is carried out by passing a wire with a current through a side hole in the case (see figure 1).
Схема подключения РТ-40М
Figure 1
 To control the current value exceeds 20A should apply standard current transformers XX/5A. To this should be passed from the wire of the secondary winding of the transformer through the hole 4 times (see figure 2).

Схема подключения РТ-40М для управления не приоритетной нагрузкой

Figure 2
 If the current measured value exceeds the threshold value, the executive relay will turn on after the set counting by potentiometer «t» time delay. If, during this counting the value of current returns to ranges preset value, the work will be continued without switching the executive relay. At decrease current below the threshold, the relay is switched off immediately (without delay). Threshold set by a potentiometer, in ranges between 10 ... 100% of the maximum value. If appropriate, in the chain can turn on an ammeter (see figure 3).
Схема подключения 2-х РТ-40М для управления двумя не приоритетными нагрузками
Figure 3
Габариты реле контроля тока РТ-40М
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